Australian People

Australian People's Party Policies

The Australian People’s Party is an inclusive party which commits to put the Australian People First.  The party's aim is to implement:

  1. Prosperity Tax -  a fairer, simpler and evasion-proof taxation system without all the paperwork requirements.
  2. Educational Alignment - school improvement by aligning all schools entry ages, year levels  and graduation.
  3. Tomorrow's Hospitals - cut red tape for hospital leaders, doctors and nurses so patients are the focus.
  4. Justice Reform - Bill of Rights to enshrine right to privacy, freedom of speech and freedom of association.
  5. Asset Protection - so that governments can not sell public schools, roads, ports, utilities and parks.
  6. Pollution Prevention - stricter compliance and incentives to prevent man-made environmental damage.
  7. Australian Owned - production in Australian industries and companies & jobs for Australian citizens first.
  8. Capital for Country - stimulus packages for the building of regional communities and inland cities.

The Australian People's Party will restore the vision of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.