Australian People

Australian People's Party Policies

The Australian People’s Party is an inclusive party which commits to put the Australian People First.  The party's aim is to implement:

  1. Prosperity Tax -  implementing a new corporate tax regime to allow for larger returns for all workers and increasing social security and pension payments and making them weekly payments.
  2. Educational Alignment - All Australian public schools and universities will be fully government funded to all people living in Australia.
  3. Tomorrow's Hospitals - cutting red tape for hospitals and GPs so patients are the focus and GP accounts for assisting patients with medical treat and all medicines fully government funded.
  4. Justice Reform - creating a Bill of Rights to enshrine right to privacy, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association.
  5. Asset Protection - stopping the sale of public schools, roads, ports, utilities and parks.
  6. Pollution Prevention - providing financial incentives to industries to prevent man-made environmental damage.
  7. Australian Owned - prioritising production in Australia & jobs for Australian citizens first.
  8. Capital for Country - supplying stimulus packages for shires, regional communities and inland cities.

The Australian People's Party will restore the vision of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.