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Australian People's Party 10 Point Policies

The Australian People’s Party commits to put the Australian people’s long term prosperity first by having the following policy platforms:

1. Stop Immigration into Australia for 5 years except for immigration through:

a.) family sponsorship where the person entering must show they have full employment for 5 years and no Social Security payments will be relied upon. 

b.) those eligible to become Australian citizens must renounce their citzenships of other countries prior to their application being approved.

​c.) applications for citizenship which meet the criteria can be completed at any time and ceremonies held every 3 months.

2. End Foreign Ownership through the purchase of Australian land and only approval to be granted for leasehold with no title to the land. No sale of Australian parks, school and public utilities to foreign powers.  Any foreign transactions will incur a 15% tax payable upon completion of the transaction. The economic strategy  will be aimed at securing production in Australian industries, companies, small businesses and organisations generating national revenue and stimulating jobs for our citizens. The priority willl be on creating jobs in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and the sciences for Australians first and 457 visas will be abolished. 

3. Reduce People's Bills through a freeze on Internet, electricity and gas price increases for every person in Australia for 5 years. Abolishing all road tolls throughout Australia for motorists.  Repeal the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth) and replace with modern contract system for farmers and lenders whereby borrowers are given the opportunity to make loan repayments where there is default and within 2 years a payment arrangement entered into otherwise after 90 days notice of non payment of that arrangement will require the borrower to vacate and allow the property to be sold by the lender without facing the stigma and legal implications of "bankruptcy".

4. New Corporate Tax through a new corporate tax system that will get the nation out of debt and allow for the other priorities to be put into place.  It will make tax simpler, bring the budget into surplus, stimulate jobs, maintain our AAA credit rating,  improve tax avoidance, keep capital within the nation and make Australians wealthier.  The benefits will be:​ 

a.) workers will gain larger monetary returns

b.) social security payments increased and paid weekly

c.) the assets test on the family home for pensioners will be removed

d.) the provision of aged care or retirement homes for our elderly will be offset contribution from the pension 

e.) childcare will be fully government funded only to working parents.

5. Educational Improvement through an emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics in all government schools in all years and cutting red tape for school leaders to focus on literacy and numeracy and the removal of waste between Federal and State education so that year levels, student age of entry and curriculum is uniform across the nation The benefit will be:

a.) education will be fully government funded for all Australian students. 

b.) TAFE and university for Australian students will be fully government funded.

6. Tomorrow's Hospitals through health reform that puts the emphasis on our aged and most needy patients including children with rare diseases and providing additional money to hospital leaders, doctors and nurses so they can further focus on patients. The benefit will be:

a.) patients waiting times will be reduced 

b.) hospital and GP vistis will be fully government funded

c.) hospital grants provided to assist people in need

d.) the purchase of medicines fully government funded.

7. Justice Reform through the introduction of an Australian Bill of Rights which will enshrine freedom of speech, freedom of association, the right to privacy, the right to due process, a qualified right to bear arms and in addition to the creation of new labels for gang related crimes that incite terror under anti-community laws. Funding increases for Federal police to build further their relationship with State police.

8. Pollution Prevention through the incentivised complaince regimes providing fiscal rewards to entities that reduce their emitting of contaminants and protect the environment in addition to incentives which will reduce the impact of man made and natural environmental damage. The aim is to make the skies clear,  the air we and our children breath clean and the water and our nature reserves kept pure.

9. Capital for Country through infrastructure stimulus packages across regional Australia and a commitment to the creation of inland cities in line with the spirit of decentralisation. The aim is to provide direct cash injections for councils for beautifying their local area and stimulating tourism.

10. International Measures through an exit from the United Nations and cancellation of all multinational trade agreements.