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Gary Morris speaking to Adam Shand on 6PR 882 Drive 3pm-6pm

Our Party Leadership

Gary Morris

Gary Morris has a strong commitment to the nation having lived and worked here in Australia since mid 1970s.  He is a family man who has conviction and talent that puts him front and centre to lead change in the nation.  He believes in change that will benefit all Australians through the creation of honest representation and human equality including for any couples.  Gary is committed to community involvement in the way the Australian People’s Party will govern.  He says “instead of governments telling people what they have to do I commit to having local think-tanks to assist in decision making and policy change.”  Gary wants to reduce the three tiers of government - local, state and federal - into a streamlined system that reduces waste and cost to the Australian people.  He believes in senators representing the state they were elected by and not party interests and nor does he believe they should have ministerial positions.  He is suitably placed to be elected into Federal politics and his election will be a benefit for the nation and the Australian people.

Gabriel Harfouche










Gabriel Harfouche grew up in the early 1970s in the suburbs of Perth WA and went on to complete a Masters of Educational Management and Bachelor of Laws with Honours.  He worked for 18 years as a teacher and school leader and is deeply committed to social improvement for the Australian people through tax, health and education reform.  He is a keen believer in a Bill of Rights to protect Australians and in the creation of a new, sovereign and republic of Australia.  He has been married for 17 years and has children who also share his passion for long term improvement for the nation.  He is a creative writer and advocate for human equality.  Gabriel is a powerful leader and is an asset to the Australian community.  His loyalty to the nation is captured when he says “I will serve the people and be true to the name of the Australian People’s Party – election is about selflessness and the national interest.”  Gabriel's vision and diplomacy will catapult the nation onto an era of peace and prosperity.


Teresa van Lieshout

Leadership Team​

Senate Candidate for Victoria

Teresa lives in Melbourne, VIC. She is an Australian born experienced teacher since 1996, with a Master of Education specialising in Leadership and Management.  She has an education business "Expert Educational Services WA" registered with ASIC.  Teresa was accepted into an Educational Doctorate at Notre Dame University however decided to contest political elections instead.  Teresa has written four books of non-fiction, legally published with Australia's National Library.  She has a special interest in economics, education and sociological issues affecting all Australian citizens and voters.  She is passionate about the rights, interests and freedoms of Australian citizens.  The qualities Teresa most admires are compassion, morality, genuineness, wisdom and discernment regarding decisions she and others make.  Teresa is a critical, intelligent and creative thinker who will provide solutions that can better the lives of Australians. 


Allan Hockley

Leadership Team​

Senate Candidate for Queensland

Allan has been the CEO of a family owned consultancy for almost 30 years, specialising in resources infrastructure and remote housing projects for some of the major players in the sector. From coal to iron ore to gas production, Allan’s grasp of the resources industry is extensive, but he freely admits that he can still learn a great deal. His Degrees in Engineering and Science as well as Education allow Allan to see the big picture when it comes to recognising the needs of both community and business. He has had the pleasure of helping to develop housing projects for Indigenous people across the north of Australia, and continues to develop relationships with remote communities. With input into local and international projects, in construction and undertaking humanitarian works in Vanuatu and PNG, he understands the need for cultural sensitivity, and the need to be inclusive when developing policies and planning. He has the ability to see opportunities and to help develop solutions, not just sitting back hoping that someone else will take action. He brings out the best in his team by allowing them to develop as both individuals and professionals. Allan has a desire to see all Australians, from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities, to be the best that they can be for the benefit of the country and themselves.  Allan has helped to establish several successful small businesses, and is a firm believer that success comes from within, and with as little input from government as possible. He also believes that big business has a social obligation towards society, and should not take without giving back.


Wayne Warne

Leadership Team

Spokesperson for Indigenous Affairs

Wayne Warner is a Yamatji man from the Midwest of Australia who is accomplished to represent his people in Australian political affairs through his years of work with the Indigenous community. Wayne has a Bachelor of Applied Science and Honours degree in Indigenous research. He has worked with the University of Western Australia mentoring and teaching in the areas of cultural awareness and orientation to practicum placement students.  Wayne is talented musically, mechanically, academically and intellectually and has strong ties with his people and has their respect.  He presents a powerful vision and passion for Indigenous improvement and enhancement which will pave the way for a new era in building synergies for Indigenous people with big corporations, small businesses, Indigenous self-development opportunities and government.


Jordan Harris

Spokesperson for Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security

Jordan grew up in Perth after moving from Sydney at 2 months old. She is very passionate about our nation, and all of our people, regardless of race or religion.  After studying a Bachelor of Counter Terrorism, Security and Intelligence in 2012 Jordan became extremely passionate about national security issues, especially given the state of today's society.  Jordan believes Australians need to be well informed  on the fundamentals of terrorism, and how terrorism can be actually created by political hot phrases perpetuated by today's politicians and the mainstream media. By targeting the root causes of terrorism Jordan believes we can eliminate any potential threat whilst creating social cohesion that may deter corrupted minds from joining heinous causes. Jordan says "Australia's role on the world stage should not be solely one of infiltration and manipulation on the back of a US led foreign policy.  We shouldn't meddle in situations that do not directly affect us; evident with the invasion of Iraq and the one sided political debate about Syria."  She is in the box seat to explain that Australians may need to understand that these terrorists are not primarily being created by their religious teachings, but rather as a possible by product of the impact of the violence that has been ravaging their countries much of which is due to interference by foreign powers. Jordan will be a key party spokesperson who can explain that Australia as a nation is built on multiculturalism, however recent times have seen this welcoming attitude shift. As our own national anthem states "for those who've come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share." Jordan would like to see our nation restored to the accepting society she knows we are.


Janice MacSween


Jan MacSween is a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother and a stalwart of the Australian community championing the rights of the unwell, disabled and elderly.  She is a respected nurse and carer who is also renowned for her financial savvy and accountability.  She is relied on by her family, clients and line managers to get the job done.  Her role as the Australian People's Party Treasurer will enable the party to prosper and meet its obligations to volunteers, members, candidates and donors. She is accomplished in managing funds, preparing reports and acquitting funds in line with mandated strategic directions. Jan has an eye for detail, is creative and responsible and brings a high degree of commitment to this important position.  She states: "Fiscal oversight involves trust - this team around me are trustworthy leaders and I will give my best to support them behind the scenes to represent the Australian people."   Jan's background work as treasurer will help the Australian People's Party grow to restore faith in the democratic process.


Matthew Christensen

Spokesperson for Tourism, Hospitality and Youth Affairs

Matthew Christensen is young, driven and full of new ideas to help Australia be the best country it can be for all Australians. He is a firm believer that education and technology are the keys to forging a strong future and that the right investments now will reap enormous rewards. Matthew says "Governments need to start making smarter decisions, instead of just making cuts to services or selling government infrastructure. We need to make the right choices that will benefit Australians; not just for today or until the next election, but for many years to come. We have everything we need to be world leaders in social welfare, renewable energy, technology, education, and healthcare - all we have to do is use our resources more effectively and efficiently." Matthew has nearly a decade of experience in the hospitality industry and wants to see justice reforms that would hold offenders more accountable for their actions and make it safe for everyone to enjoy a night out with family and friends. Matthew is in the final year of a Bachelor of Science at ECU and grew up in the southern suburbs of Perth, attending Willetton Senior High School. He's man who will do his best to make sure that all Australians get a fair go.


Marc Bonanno

Australian People's Party Master of Ceremonies

Marc Bonanno is the Hit 929 co-host on popular radio where he presents reviews and news.  He enjoys the beautiful Australian landscape and it is in our beautiful surrounds that he finds his passion for photography.  Marc is a great supporter of local Australian businesses and states: "I would like to see the hard working Australian people get back what they work hard for and the Australian People's Party is best placed to achieve this."  Marc oversees party functions in his capacity as MC and his humour brings great fun and energy to our get togethers.  He is a keen promoter of the benefits of joining the APP.

* In order to maintain the stability and continued growth of the Australian People's Party, the Constitution defines "establishment period" as the initial five year period commencing immediately after the party's AEC registration and stipulates that all  incumbent executives and political candidates, who all currently hold their positions as volunteers, remain in their roles throughout this period unless they choose to step down. It is therefore envisaged new elections for party positions may occur sometime in or after 2020.