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Gabriel H Harfouche


Gabriel Harfouche grew up in the early 1970s in the suburbs of Perth WA and went on to complete a Masters of Educational Management and Bachelor of Laws with Honours.  He worked for 18 years as a teacher and school leader and is deeply committed to social improvement for the Australian people through tax, health and education reform.  He is a keen believer in a Bill of Rights to protect Australians and in the creation of a new, sovereign and republic of Australia.  He has been married for 18 years and has children who also share his passion for long term improvement for the nation.  He is a creative writer and advocate for human equality.  Gabriel is a powerful leader and is an asset to the Australian community.  His loyalty to the nation is captured when he says “I will serve the people and be true to the name of the Australian People’s Party – election is about selflessness and the national interest.”  Gabriel's vision and diplomacy will catapult the nation onto an era of peace and prosperity.


Bruno Strangio


​National Director of Public Relations


Kelsie Harfouche

Party Secretary


Wayne Warner

Advisor for Aboriginal Affairs