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Constitutional Crisis

September 8, 2017

Why are politicians sitting in Canberra when they are ineligible under s 44 of our nation's Constitution? The APP would like to see an audit of all politicians.  The public demand that they prove that they are not dual citizens whether by descent or otherwise.  The writers of our Constitution had considerable foresight since they wrote in a clause that being a citizen of a foreign power or being entitled to the rights and privileges of a foreign power will clearly make a person ineligible to sit in our Parliament. And of course the United Kingdom is now considered a foreign power to Australia. In an era of heightened national security, scarce resources and rising tensions with foreign powers like North Korea and other states, the public demand to know if their elected politicians are not dual nationals.  Why did our forefathers write s 44 into our Constitution?  The answer is simple: How do we know if a parliamentarian with dual citizenship is not sharing information with the country of their second citizenship or allowing immigration from those countries or encouraging foreign buyers of our own capital from those countries? It is a matter of national security and now it is a matter of public interest and a major constitutional crisis in our Nation's history.  In 1997 the Parliament had an opportunity to put s44 changes to referendum and did not because they know the people of Australia do not want to change our Constitution. It is time that the rule of law operates.  No fear or favour.  They, like anyone else, are subject to the rule of law.  They are not above it and should declare if they are ineligible because if the voters had known these politicians were dual citizens it is highly likely they may not have voted for them in the last election or in any election.  The fact that these politicians signed a government form declaring they are eligible or that their respective political party signed that form for them or submitted it without proper checks arguably also implicates them and their parties. 

Welcome APP Candidates

July 11, 2017

The APP will field candidates across as many divisions and senates as our members and followers would like.  So far we have WA, NSW, Victoria, SA and QLD taking up the call to action.  We would love Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT to go instep with us. We aim to field senate candidates in all states and to fill all divisions of this great country with candidates.  Here is the beauty of our candidates - they are ordinary Aussies who have seen our call, read our blogs, joined our party and chosen to stand up and be counted.  The media will have you believe there are only two parties but the APP strives to be the third independent centrist voice between these other two parties who appear to be pretending to be in opposition.  The difference with the APP is that we really are in opposition to these other two seemingly defunct entities who have had decades to make the requisite improvements to standards of living and our rights and have not.  It seems they have only strengthened their own balances and their own grip on power. Now there is a new alternative that we, the people can vote for. Join us and apply to be a candidate now! If you prefer to watch from the sidelines then a donation would greatly assist the party.  The idea that "she'll be right mate" is dead in modern Australia - it is time for a peaceful change.

Kelsie Harfouche

Gary Morris



Rising Government Debt and a War on the People

April 8, 2017

We line up to cast a vote for our national representatives every three years in Australia.  We end up, whether explicitly or not, voting in the red faction or the blue faction at what seems like the primary school athletics carnival.  Joseph Stalin once said "it is not who casts the vote but who counts the vote that decides an election." As soon as they are elected these so-called representatives overturn all their promises and commitments to the people of this great nation.  It has to be time for a new independent voice in Canberra - the Australian People's Party candidates will be that voice. 

A proportion of the people currently in Parliament appear to be there to look after their own interests and the interests of a global cabal.  They get kickbacks from lobbyists, they get kickbacks from share price increases on firms they privilege on policies and they ensure that laws passed benefit the wealth and power of the cabal.  Not only that, for their obsequiousness to the international elites, when they leave Canberra they are parachuted into executive positions such as CEO or Management roles on massive salaries where they can continue that influence in other arenas. Meanwhile other Australians remain unemployed, underemployed or have their wages cut and our retirees and pensioners forced to live on a shoestring.

What is the most concerning is this 1% of the population - this proportion of politicians and some of their public servants appear to be waging an inverted war of terrorism on the rest of the Australian people in the name of the mask of national security and increasing government debt in order to silence critics or usurp their assets to make repayments on this rising debt  - the aim is to send outspoken critics of the government either bankrupt or insolvent or criminalise them so they are economically constrained, discredited and not taken seriously and to silence them for their vocal desires for improvement.  Look behind the forced foreclosures, insolvencies, bankruptcies and criminal charges of those vocal and calling for improvement in Australia. Look behind the media bent and look behind the conduct of some of these hollow men who we supposedly vote in to represent us because I believe that you may find that not all is what it seems.  The Australian People's party wants to help the nation but we are not sure those already elected do.


November 2, 2016

The Australian People's Party will aim to create full employment for the Australian people knowing this is also the goal of the Reserve Bank as per Section 10 (2) (b) of the Reserve Bank Act 1959 (Cth).  The party will work with all levels of government and all other elected members no matter their party position to contribute to the maintenance of full employment. There is a growing trend by employer groups to casualise and part time their workforce in order to reduce operating costs, whilst expecting in many cases the full time commitment of those employees.  The APP believes this approach by employer groups is for short term gain. It will result in longer term losses and will see the slowing of the Australian economy.  The paradox of thrift is a well documented phenomenon and such employer group approaches to casualising employment will see, in the not too distant future, those same businesses become the bigger loser as many Australians begin to struggle with household bills or debt. This can in turn lead to reduced demand for regular goods and services.

Gary J. Morris

Improving Our Standard of Living

August 23, 2016

The Australian People's Party is the only political party that will move to improve our standard of living and our rights.  It will do it with an 8 point plan including shifting the tax system to create a fairer model creating larger revenue to stimulate jobs growth and to share with Australians who need it including struggling families, pensioners and small businesses. 

Successive Australian Governments have flooded labour markets with 457 visa workers at the expense of Australian workers, cut social safety net payments and sold Australian assets to foreign entities whilst increasing their own salaries and spending more under their entitlements schemes.  Foreign donations to the lib-lab have also allowed our Parliament to be under the spell of the donors and their secretive desires on our nation.

The other parties have no vision and no plan to improve our standards of living but seem hell bent on lowering our living standards and reducing our rights in favour of globalisation, foreign donors and free trade agreements.


Jobs For The Boys

June 1, 2016

I live in a small Shire in the North West of Western Australia and I am pretty sure many of you will understand my concerns.  The shire council is almost always made up of elected people who hold leaseholder pastoral stations that invariably struggle but whose families have been in the community for generations.  The voting in local government elections is not compulsory however the problem is that the same cliques come out and vote for each other and what the community ends up having is the same vested interests looked after.  Furthermore, when it comes to the hiring of a shire CEO the same group engages an ally for a fee called a consultant who knows the parties, often has less credentials than some of the candidates who have applied who they supposedly choose on merit when the truth is that they proceed to select a CEO known to them for the lucrative position. That new shire CEO then adheres to the wishes of the benefactors who have hired the consultant.  It is a cesspool of artifice.  What ends up occurring is the same vested interests being looked after for shire contracts and roles at the expense of the Traditional Owners, residential property owners, new town folk and the children. Often the voices of those who are not part of the cabal are marginalised and even criminalised so that their willingness to speak up is discredited or whitewashed. Self-interest in maintaining the cartels is at the heart of the whole matter and not the entire community's welfare. So if state governments are willing to dissolve whole councils as has been done with Auburn City Council then why haven't they done the same in other councils where this sort of conduct is rife. Ratepayers' money must be used equitably.

Support From Party Members

April 12, 2016

The APP appreciates the support from our members.  Published verbatim is the email from a passionate party member:

"Congratulations to you all that are working to make this country great again. I hope more people see the benefits a new and forward thinking party will help to break the stagnation that is happening in Canberra and affecting all the States plus the people from all walks of life, bring us all down to our lowest point in our history.

Once again Australia needs the people to rally, work together as one nation to wrestle back control of parliament from those who think they are the select few that rule the people in how they see fit. The only way to remind the currently elected that they are supposed to be working FOR the people, is to vote them out and replace them with a party like, The Australian People's Party.

Yours Sincerely

Brian J Standage"


April 8, 2016

The Leadership Team of the Party would like to thank the support and efforts of the Australian Electoral Commission.  The party welcomes the registration process and looks forward to assisting the AEC fulfil their important roles so that the party is registered and ready for the next federal election.

APP Plans for Better Public Services

March 26, 2016

The APP once elected into Parliament will DO the following:

- develop one simpler evasion proof prosperity tax that will get the nation out of the $738 billion in current total government debt. No other party offers this plan.

-  push for less red tape for all citizens by repealing laws that are road bocks for entrepreneurship including for small and family businesses. 

- push for rail funding so that the capital cities can sink their railway lines creating modern subways with easy commute times and access to city hubs. 

- repeal clauses in such state laws as the legal profession acts to allow new lawyers to practise law as soon as they are admitted by the courts so that hiring a lawyer is cheaper and more accessible for the public and thus gives new lawyers an opportunity to ply their trade without having to face the mandated need for two years supervision unless they feel they require such mentoring which can always be voluntarily offered by a law firm or voluntarily sought by a law graduate. 

- repeal the potato board or any such oversight body that thwarts farmers livelihoods so that primary industries are not constrained by what they produce and sell and to whom. 

- create state trust funds for patients or families in need to draw on for major health hurdles, funerals or medicines.

Time for ACTION.  JOIN the APP and watch us make the vision for Australia's prosperity unfold.


Authorised by Gabriel Harfouche, Australian People's Party.

APP Appalled by International Terrorism

March 24, 2016

Australia is a safe place with a stable economy and a rule of law developed over hundreds of years - we should not let the tail wag the dog and allow our national freedoms to be eroded because of a few heinous murderers in other countries who arguably are borne out of their own failed mentalities or possibly failed foreign policy.  The international power-brokers perhaps recognise that one way to maintain their stranglehold over the citizens of nation states is through fear.  Terrorism is designed to create fear and increase the people's support for draconian laws that dwindle hard fought for civil liberties.  The main concern of the APP is the need for our nation to realise that we need not lurch towards fascist laws that play into the hands of the global elites.  The inciting of fear is clear to make out - the media moguls continually give air time to terrorist acts almost providing the culprits with notoriety and knowledge of  a further platform.  Ask yourself why so much television news time is given to these atrocious acts and why other lone and deranged actors are also then linked in to the terrorist picture. Any new fascist law must be resisted because history has shown us what happens when citizens are lulled into a fascist state - the real agenda may be the huge national and state debts that are owed by numerous developed and developing countries.  The APP urges the Australian people to continue to be supportive of our current national freedoms so they are not curtailed and to continue to be a people supportive of inclusion. Ultimately the party is saddened by the loss of any human life that has occurred unnaturally at the hands of others.

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