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Constitutional Crisis

September 8, 2017

Why are politicians sitting in Canberra when they are ineligible under s 44 of our nation's Constitution? The APP would like to see an audit of all politicians.  The public demand that they prove that they are not dual citizens whether by descent or otherwise.  The writers of our Constitution had co…

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Welcome APP Candidates

July 11, 2017

The APP will field candidates across as many divisions and senates as our members and followers would like.  So far we have WA, NSW, Victoria, SA and QLD taking up the call to action.  We would love Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT to go instep with us. We aim to field senate candidates in all s…

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Rising Government Debt and a War on the People

April 8, 2017

We line up to cast a vote for our national representatives every three years in Australia.  We end up, whether explicitly or not, voting in the red faction or the blue faction at what seems like the primary school athletics carnival.  Joseph Stalin once said "it is not who casts the vote but who cou…

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November 2, 2016

The Australian People's Party will aim to create full employment for the Australian people knowing this is also the goal of the Reserve Bank as per Section 10 (2) (b) of the Reserve Bank Act 1959 (Cth).  The party will work with all levels of government and all other elected members no matter the…

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Improving Our Standard of Living

August 23, 2016

The Australian People's Party is the only political party that will move to improve our standard of living and our rights.  It will do it with an 8 point plan including shifting the tax system to create a fairer model creating larger revenue to stimulate jobs growth and to share with Australians who…

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Jobs For The Boys

June 1, 2016

I live in a small Shire in the North West of Western Australia and I am pretty sure many of you will understand my concerns.  The shire council is almost always made up of elected people who hold leaseholder pastoral stations that invariably struggle but whose families have been in the community for…

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Support From Party Members

April 12, 2016

The APP appreciates the support from our members.  Published verbatim is the email from a passionate party member:

"Congratulations to you all that are working to make this country great again. I hope more people see the benefits a new and forward thinking party will help to break the stagnation…

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April 8, 2016

The Leadership Team of the Party would like to thank the support and efforts of the Australian Electoral Commission.  The party welcomes the registration process and looks forward to assisting the AEC fulfil their important roles so that the party is registered and ready for the next federal electio…

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APP Plans for Better Public Services

March 26, 2016

The APP once elected into Parliament will DO the following:

- develop one simpler evasion proof prosperity tax that will get the nation out of the $738 billion in current total government debt. No other party offers this plan.

-  push for less red tape for all citizens by repealing laws tha…

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APP Appalled by International Terrorism

March 24, 2016

Australia is a safe place with a stable economy and a rule of law developed over hundreds of years - we should not let the tail wag the dog and allow our national freedoms to be eroded because of a few heinous murderers in other countries who arguably are borne out of their own failed mentalities or…

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The National Debt and Bail In

March 4, 2016

The Australian Commonwealth and States are in massive debt.  Remember what the faceless elite managed to get the government of Cyprus to do - take the deposits of its citizens held in local banks! Are you beginning to feel that the Commonwealth and States through their various agencies are ready to …

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A New Horizon

February 5, 2016

It is hard to imagine that a political party, such as our Australian People's Party, commenced on a small tide.  The leader of the APP, Gary Morris, is a tireless advocate for the socio-economic betterment of the nation.  Having experienced the rough waters of politics and as a candidate for a Feder…

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Capital for Country

January 14, 2016

I have lived in rural Australia for most of my adult life; in country towns including Manjimup, Carnarvon, Geraldton, Newman, Hedland, Broome and Mount Magnet in rural Western Australia.  I have taught English and Literature in country schools and have been helping people in rural towns improve thei…

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Government Policy on Indigenous People

January 7, 2016

Since Federation (1901) there has never been a successful government policy to address the disadvantage of Indigenous people in Australia. Policies such as Assimilation, Integration, Self Determination, Self-Management and now Reconciliation.

The policies of assimilation and integration were aban…

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How the APP Can Rekindle National Hope

September 15, 2015

The Australian People's Party is dismayed at the morally bankrupt state of our National Parliament. 

This political party - the Australian People's Party - has a positive and progressive message to our members, prospective voters and those, who like us, feel that enough is enough of the duopoly- …

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Letter to Federal Police From APP Hierarchy

August 7, 2015

Dear Federal Police Commissioner
RE: Reports of Misuse of Federal Parliamentarians' Entitlements
We, the Australian People's Party officials, seek your assistance in thoroughly investigating any alleged misuse of Australian Parliamentarian work entitlements that may have occurred within th…

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APP Stands Only For Australian People

June 17, 2015

Do Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) such as the Trans Pacific Partnerships really benefit the Australian people?  The FTA with China, Korea and Japan will benefit transnational corporations but possibly not the Australian people.  The agreement signed off on today in Canberra will privilege Chinese work…

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A State of Wastefulness

May 22, 2015

How much Aussie money is wasted on paying state politicians and all their aides and staffers when we already have Commonwealth politicians and their staff? How much Aussie money is wasted on double up between the state and the Commonwealth public service? How much Aussie money is wasted on the Briti…

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Be Australia's Demise

April 21, 2015

Extremism comes from the disenfranchised in our society.  Many new Australians may experience being marginalised in the media or workplace. In many cases new Australians are seeking acceptance and a sense of belonging.  Acceptance, engagement and inclusion - which encompasses job inclusion may be a …

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Nepotism Cronyism and Hegemony?

April 17, 2015

We do not mean to look like the character in the gallery who ridicules everyone in the Muppet Show - Senator Brandis - what a decision to appoint the wife of the retiring High Court Justice. Is it a good one?

In our opinion this is damaging to the High Court's lofty image.  President Obama i…

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