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Welcome Mark Bebich From the Transport Workers Union

April 2, 2015

The Australian People's Party welcomes as a member Mark Bebich, who holds the role of Vice President of the Western Australian State Branch of the Transport Workers Union.  We are proud to continue to have union members join and would like to see many more become part of this growing political party that puts Australian workers first through its Australian People First policy platform. 

Mark has expressed his interest in being the spokesperson for industrial relations for the APP and the party accepts his nomination with an announcement in the near future.  Mark states "Australia needs a new style of politician, one who will say what is on his mind not one who is always playing the balanced guy for the establishment."  

Mark has joined the APP because he believes that Australia needs a third major party and that the is the one to deliver it to all Australians through its economic plan and its voice of inclusion for all Australians.

The APP welcomes all union members who wish to join.

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