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Welcome APP Candidates

July 11, 2017

The APP will field candidates across as many divisions and senates as our members and followers would like.  So far we have WA, NSW, Victoria, SA and QLD taking up the call to action.  We would love Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT to go instep with us. We aim to field senate candidates in all states and to fill all divisions of this great country with candidates.  Here is the beauty of our candidates - they are ordinary Aussies who have seen our call, read our blogs, joined our party and chosen to stand up and be counted.  The media will have you believe there are only two parties but the APP strives to be the third independent centrist voice between these other two parties who appear to be pretending to be in opposition.  The difference with the APP is that we really are in opposition to these other two seemingly defunct entities who have had decades to make the requisite improvements to standards of living and our rights and have not.  It seems they have only strengthened their own balances and their own grip on power. Now there is a new alternative that we, the people can vote for. Join us and apply to be a candidate now! If you prefer to watch from the sidelines then a donation would greatly assist the party.  The idea that "she'll be right mate" is dead in modern Australia - it is time for a peaceful change.

Kelsie Harfouche

Gary Morris



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