Australian People

Support From Party Members

April 12, 2016

The APP appreciates the support from our members.  Published verbatim is the email from a passionate party member:

"Congratulations to you all that are working to make this country great again. I hope more people see the benefits a new and forward thinking party will help to break the stagnation that is happening in Canberra and affecting all the States plus the people from all walks of life, bring us all down to our lowest point in our history.

Once again Australia needs the people to rally, work together as one nation to wrestle back control of parliament from those who think they are the select few that rule the people in how they see fit. The only way to remind the currently elected that they are supposed to be working FOR the people, is to vote them out and replace them with a party like, The Australian People's Party.

Yours Sincerely


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