Australian People

Rising Government Debt and a War on the People

April 8, 2017

We line up to cast a vote for our national representatives every three years in Australia.  We end up, whether explicitly or not, voting in the red faction or the blue faction at what seems like the primary school athletics carnival.  Joseph Stalin once said "it is not who casts the vote but who counts the vote that decides an election." As soon as they are elected these so-called representatives overturn all their promises and commitments to the people of this great nation.  It has to be time for a new independent voice in Canberra - the Australian People's Party candidates will be that voice. 

A proportion of the people currently in Parliament appear to be there to look after their own interests and the interests of a global cabal.  They get kickbacks from lobbyists, they get kickbacks from share price increases on firms they privilege on policies and they ensure that laws passed benefit the wealth and power of the cabal.  Not only that, for their obsequiousness to the international elites, when they leave Canberra they are parachuted into executive positions such as CEO or Management roles on massive salaries where they can continue that influence in other arenas. Meanwhile other Australians remain unemployed, underemployed or have their wages cut and our retirees and pensioners forced to live on a shoestring.

What is the most concerning is this 1% of the population - this proportion of politicians and some of their public servants appear to be waging an inverted war of terrorism on the rest of the Australian people in the name of the mask of national security and increasing government debt in order to silence critics or usurp their assets to make repayments on this rising debt  - the aim is to send outspoken critics of the government either bankrupt or insolvent or criminalise them so they are economically constrained, discredited and not taken seriously and to silence them for their vocal desires for improvement.  Look behind the forced foreclosures, insolvencies, bankruptcies and criminal charges of those vocal and calling for improvement in Australia. Look behind the media bent and look behind the conduct of some of these hollow men who we supposedly vote in to represent us because I believe that you may find that not all is what it seems.  The Australian People's party wants to help the nation but we are not sure those already elected do.

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