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Regional Australian Infrastructure the Key

March 17, 2015

The Australian People's Party holds the belief that infrastructure development in regional areas is the key to grow the nation.  For too long the duopoly has focussed on cities and urban zones in order to "buy" the votes of the populace.  It is time to put money into:

- housing and social centres in country towns

- encouraging entrepreneurship in regional areas

- improving rail and roads to town centres

- empowering local government who know their communities

- assisting station owners and Indigenous groups manage their assets

- fostering migration programs to country areas

- incentivising regional businesses to sustain operations

Without a concerted effort aimed out our regional areas our nation will be relegated to a few overpopulated cities distances apart.  We need to learn from China's and India's rural rise.  Only the APP has the vision to stimulate the nation - its regional plans are balanced through the new tax plan that will need your support.  Join Now!

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