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Nepotism Cronyism and Hegemony?

April 17, 2015

We do not mean to look like the character in the gallery who ridicules everyone in the Muppet Show - Senator Brandis - what a decision to appoint the wife of the retiring High Court Justice. Is it a good one?

In our opinion this is damaging to the High Court's lofty image.  President Obama in his memoir "Dreams of My Father" discusses hegemony and economic disempowerment through the establishment's locking out of others.  Is this another example of the establishment sticking together and jobs being inherited? What next the father-son rule for appointments to the High Court?

Nepotism is the favouritism of relatives of the family.  Well we thought the High Court would be immune from such controversy.  Michelle Gordon, the wife of the out-going retiring Justice Hayne may be a great appointment and of course her husband had nothing to do with her appointment but the APP re-iterate our desire for the Australian people to be given the power to vote in the appropriate judge upon having the opportunity to read their biographies and service in the law. The power must belong to the people not the hegemony.


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