Australian People

Letter to Federal Police From APP Hierarchy

August 7, 2015

Dear Federal Police Commissioner
RE: Reports of Misuse of Federal Parliamentarians' Entitlements
We, the Australian People's Party officials, seek your assistance in thoroughly investigating any alleged misuse of Australian Parliamentarian work entitlements that may have occurred within the last three years under the Commonwealth parliamentary travel scheme by all Members of the House of Representatives and Members of the Senate.
We particularly encourage the Federal Police Service to collect evidence from the collation of media reports, parliamentarian interviews and available Commonwealth Department of Finance and Treasury political spending data.
If a prima facie case exists then we strongly recommend in the public interest related to the misuse of tax payer monies that charges are pressed against Australian politicians involved and we cite the matter of Peter Slipper in the 2014 ACT Magistrates Court on fraud matters as a precedent.
Yours faithfully

Mr Gary Morris       



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