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June 1, 2016

I live in a small Shire in the North West of Western Australia and I am pretty sure many of you will understand my concerns.  The shire council is almost always made up of elected people who hold leaseholder pastoral stations that invariably struggle but whose families have been in the community for generations.  The voting in local government elections is not compulsory however the problem is that the same cliques come out and vote for each other and what the community ends up having is the same vested interests looked after.  Furthermore, when it comes to the hiring of a shire CEO the same group engages an ally for a fee called a consultant who knows the parties, often has less credentials than some of the candidates who have applied who they supposedly choose on merit when the truth is that they proceed to select a CEO known to them for the lucrative position. That new shire CEO then adheres to the wishes of the benefactors who have hired the consultant.  It is a cesspool of artifice.  What ends up occurring is the same vested interests being looked after for shire contracts and roles at the expense of the Traditional Owners, residential property owners, new town folk and the children. Often the voices of those who are not part of the cabal are marginalised and even criminalised so that their willingness to speak up is discredited or whitewashed. Self-interest in maintaining the cartels is at the heart of the whole matter and not the entire community's welfare. So if state governments are willing to dissolve whole councils as has been done with Auburn City Council then why haven't they done the same in other councils where this sort of conduct is rife. Ratepayers' money must be used equitably.

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