Australian People

Improving Our Standard of Living

August 23, 2016

The Australian People's Party is the only political party that will move to improve our standard of living and our rights.  It will do it with an 8 point plan including shifting the tax system to create a fairer model creating larger revenue to stimulate jobs growth and to share with Australians who need it including struggling families, pensioners and small businesses. 

Successive Australian Governments have flooded labour markets with 457 visa workers at the expense of Australian workers, cut social safety net payments and sold Australian assets to foreign entities whilst increasing their own salaries and spending more under their entitlements schemes.  Foreign donations to the lib-lab have also allowed our Parliament to be under the spell of the donors and their secretive desires on our nation.

The other parties have no vision and no plan to improve our standards of living but seem hell bent on lowering our living standards and reducing our rights in favour of globalisation, foreign donors and free trade agreements.


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