Australian People

How the APP Can Rekindle National Hope

September 15, 2015

The Australian People's Party is dismayed at the morally bankrupt state of our National Parliament. 

This political party - the Australian People's Party - has a positive and progressive message to our members, prospective voters and those, who like us, feel that enough is enough of the duopoly- the two  party domination of Australian life. We are buoyed by the good men and women we have met.  We are listening to each voice. We have a vision to ensure social cohesion, loyalty and economic enhancement.

Our leadership team is committed to recreating an era of national jubilation and euphoria because we hold dear our love of the outdoors, love of family, mateship and work.

We believe our party can lead the nation, reinvent Parliament as our forefathers envisioned to be a place of debate, thought, and progress because we value eclectic views, inclusion, personal entrepreneurship, workplace harmony, career satisfaction and national advancement.

This party - the Australian People's Party - is about peace and neighbourly support - we remember summers when people slept with their doors open to let in the breeze, we remember drive-in cinemas, we remember summers at the beach and barbecues, we remember the joy of winning in international sporting events.  There was a time when the Australian people were not debt laden, were not manipulated by the media and were not duped by the people they voted in to represent them.  That time was a time when the Australian people could afford to spend time together, had their own money in their wallets and purses, and had secure jobs. The APP will recapture this time and restore the deep pride all citizens have in Australia.


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