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Australian People

Constitutional Crisis

September 8, 2017

Why are politicians sitting in Canberra when they are ineligible under s 44 of our nation's Constitution? The APP would like to see an audit of all politicians.  The public demand that they prove that they are not dual citizens whether by descent or otherwise.  The writers of our Constitution had considerable foresight since they wrote in a clause that being a citizen of a foreign power or being entitled to the rights and privileges of a foreign power will clearly make a person ineligible to sit in our Parliament. And of course the United Kingdom is now considered a foreign power to Australia. In an era of heightened national security, scarce resources and rising tensions with foreign powers like North Korea and other states, the public demand to know if their elected politicians are not dual nationals.  Why did our forefathers write s 44 into our Constitution?  The answer is simple: How do we know if a parliamentarian with dual citizenship is not sharing information with the country of their second citizenship or allowing immigration from those countries or encouraging foreign buyers of our own capital from those countries? It is a matter of national security and now it is a matter of public interest and a major constitutional crisis in our Nation's history.  In 1997 the Parliament had an opportunity to put s44 changes to referendum and did not because they know the people of Australia do not want to change our Constitution. It is time that the rule of law operates.  No fear or favour.  They, like anyone else, are subject to the rule of law.  They are not above it and should declare if they are ineligible because if the voters had known these politicians were dual citizens it is highly likely they may not have voted for them in the last election or in any election.  The fact that these politicians signed a government form declaring they are eligible or that their respective political party signed that form for them or submitted it without proper checks arguably also implicates them and their parties. 

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