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June 17, 2015

Do Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) such as the Trans Pacific Partnerships really benefit the Australian people?  The FTA with China, Korea and Japan will benefit transnational corporations but possibly not the Australian people.  The agreement signed off on today in Canberra will privilege Chinese workers over Australian workers because of the clauses allowing Chinese citizens to work on Chinese projects being developed in Australia - this may disadvantage Australian workers.  At the moment Chinese leased mining tenements are primarily employing Chinese workers with very few opportunities for Australian mine workers and mining professionals.  Furthermore, Chinese corporations undertaking their projects in Australia can sue the Australian government for inhibiting their profits or their commercial aspirations which if transpired would lead to legal battles which would then have to be paid for by the States or Commonwealth Government from Australian taxpayers monies.  Finally, the nail in the coffin to these FTAs is the fact that foreign corporations operating in Australia may undoubtedly siphon their profits and funds back to the home nation rather than spend it for the benefit of Australians.  The Australian People's Party plans to put political focus back on the needs of the Australian people by opposing FTAs which do not put Australian interests first and has a visionary taxation plan aimed at alleviating tax evasion by foreign corporations.   

Gary Morris

Leader & Senate Candidate for the 2016 Federal Election

Australian People's Party

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