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APP Plans for Better Public Services

March 26, 2016

The APP once elected into Parliament will DO the following:

- develop one simpler evasion proof prosperity tax that will get the nation out of the $738 billion in current total government debt. No other party offers this plan.

-  push for less red tape for all citizens by repealing laws that are road bocks for entrepreneurship including for small and family businesses. 

- push for rail funding so that the capital cities can sink their railway lines creating modern subways with easy commute times and access to city hubs. 

- repeal clauses in such state laws as the legal profession acts to allow new lawyers to practise law as soon as they are admitted by the courts so that hiring a lawyer is cheaper and more accessible for the public and thus gives new lawyers an opportunity to ply their trade without having to face the mandated need for two years supervision unless they feel they require such mentoring which can always be voluntarily offered by a law firm or voluntarily sought by a law graduate. 

- repeal the potato board or any such oversight body that thwarts farmers livelihoods so that primary industries are not constrained by what they produce and sell and to whom. 

- create state trust funds for patients or families in need to draw on for major health hurdles, funerals or medicines.

Time for ACTION.  JOIN the APP and watch us make the vision for Australia's prosperity unfold.


Authorised by Gabriel Harfouche, Australian People's Party.

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