Australian People

APP Appalled by International Terrorism

March 24, 2016

Australia is a safe place with a stable economy and a rule of law developed over hundreds of years - we should not let the tail wag the dog and allow our national freedoms to be eroded because of a few heinous murderers in other countries who arguably are borne out of their own failed mentalities or possibly failed foreign policy.  The international power-brokers perhaps recognise that one way to maintain their stranglehold over the citizens of nation states is through fear.  Terrorism is designed to create fear and increase the people's support for draconian laws that dwindle hard fought for civil liberties.  The main concern of the APP is the need for our nation to realise that we need not lurch towards fascist laws that play into the hands of the global elites.  The inciting of fear is clear to make out - the media moguls continually give air time to terrorist acts almost providing the culprits with notoriety and knowledge of  a further platform.  Ask yourself why so much television news time is given to these atrocious acts and why other lone and deranged actors are also then linked in to the terrorist picture. Any new fascist law must be resisted because history has shown us what happens when citizens are lulled into a fascist state - the real agenda may be the huge national and state debts that are owed by numerous developed and developing countries.  The APP urges the Australian people to continue to be supportive of our current national freedoms so they are not curtailed and to continue to be a people supportive of inclusion. Ultimately the party is saddened by the loss of any human life that has occurred unnaturally at the hands of others.

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