Australian People


November 2, 2016

The Australian People's Party will aim to create full employment for the Australian people knowing this is also the goal of the Reserve Bank as per Section 10 (2) (b) of the Reserve Bank Act 1959 (Cth).  The party will work with all levels of government and all other elected members no matter their party position to contribute to the maintenance of full employment. There is a growing trend by employer groups to casualise and part time their workforce in order to reduce operating costs, whilst expecting in many cases the full time commitment of those employees.  The APP believes this approach by employer groups is for short term gain. It will result in longer term losses and will see the slowing of the Australian economy.  The paradox of thrift is a well documented phenomenon and such employer group approaches to casualising employment will see, in the not too distant future, those same businesses become the bigger loser as many Australians begin to struggle with household bills or debt. This can in turn lead to reduced demand for regular goods and services.

Gary J. Morris

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