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Australian People

A New Way Forward

April 15, 2015

This is a wake up call to the hundreds of APP members and prospective members:

- Labor and Liberal and their offshoot minor parties respectively appear to offer nothing but unemployment and poverty amid rising company job cuts and rising costs

- Labor and Liberal and their offshoot minor parties respectively appear to be restricting the everyday Australian person's liberty whilst abandoning their privacy

- Labor and Liberal and their offshoot minor parties appear at times afflicted with allegations of conflicts of interest and corruption

The Australian People's Party is a new way forward focussed on creating permanent positions rather than ascribing to the globalisation/American model of short term tenures and fixed term contracts that lead to job insecurity and often ironically lead to an employer's demise. We believe that employees have the know how and disregarding them by adopting an American model to cut costs is at a company's peril.

The Australian People's Party is a new way forward focussed on putting economics first and from this position endeavouring to create an inclusive prosperous nation.

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