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Kelsie Harfouche

Western Australian Senate Candidate

Kelsie Harfouche was born in Geraldton WA and runs her own renovations and restorations on property and raises a family of 3 boys and 2 girls.  She worked as a brickies labourer, shop attendant, in the mining industry soil sampling for the laboratories and as a school lab assistant.  She is also qualified as a beauty therapist and ran a beauty studio in Perth's northern suburbs.  She is keen to have a Bill of Rights to protect Australians and their way of life.  Kelsie has been married for 19 years and has children who also share her passion for Australia, its outback and cities.  Kelsie says "The nation needs more women in Parliament, afterall we make up 51% of the voting population. If I can run then I urge all other women to give it a go and wrestle back some of the masculine agendas in government and the rush to military confrontation." Kelsie is well positioned to speak on behalf of women, the mining industry and entrepreneurship and she looks forward to her helping her growing support base.

Voters wishing to contact Kelsie can do so on 0459383103 or email

James H Harfouche

​Division of Cowan

James is a young man, 19 years old but ready to shine for his country.  He is studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University, named after John Curtin who once lead our great nation as its Prime Minister.  James is a devoted son, brother to 4 other siblings and grandson.  His grandfather is 85 years old and his grandmother 70 years old.  He loves to visit them in Perth City where they live, help  them with chores and learn about their lives fleeing Palestine and settling in their homeland of Western Australia.  James was born in Broome, WA and has lived throughout the state in wonderful places like Mount Magnet, Carnarvon, Port Hedland, Manjimup and Watheroo. He loves to read about the law and politics and is proud of his country and accepting of all religious groups.  James will advocate on behalf of all University students applying the great 1970s tradition of free University education for all Australian citizens.  Watch this space for James and his energy and athleticism.  His mission is to improve the lives of students and their families.

Voters wishing to contact James can do so on 0473903513 or email

Rachel Minniti

Division of Perth

​Rachel is a hard working mother and wife who is very in tune with the needs of her community. She studied at a private school in Perth, then attended TAFE completing certificate qualifications and worked in an Engineering Corporation for several years.  In her various roles she has become acquainted with the diverse mix of people which make up Perth and is understanding of the cultures which make up the nation. She has helped, and continues to help, directly and indirectly, many people in the African, Middle Eastern, Asian and European communities.  Rachel, like  many of those women she helps, is committed to family.  She currently co-manages a hobbie farm and has a deep love of animals since she currently helps look after numerous animals on the property which include llamas and sheep. Rachel is a warm, friendly person who will advocate for policies which will assist people with health concerns and when elected will seek to assist people in our community with cost effective medical treatment with an aim to make all medical treatment for Australian citizens fully government funded.  Rachel will push for medicines for those in need to be fully government funded for Australians in the spirit of equity and fairness.

Voters wishing to contact Rachel can do so on 0402463813 or




Janette Francis 

South Australian Senate Candidate

Janette has been involved in many community endeavours such as working as a shire councillor and retail store owner.  Janette is currently undertaking a law degree from the University of South Australia and has many hobbies including urban farming and sharing her awareness of our Common Law rights as Australians through her founding of a Common Law Rights Group.  She is an optimistic person who is confident, intelligent and trustworthy.  Janette is a tireless worker for women and victims of crime and the Australian People's Party encourages the people of South Australia to support Janette so that she can seek justice for those who have been wronged and have had their voices silenced. Her tenacious work ethic will make her a passionate senator for South Australia in the next Federal election. 

Voters wishing to contact Janette can do so on 0490833008 ​or



Barry Sampson

Division of Paterson

Barry Sampson has the credentials.  He has 30 years experience in the biological sciences having been an expert in the area of weed control for the Department of Agriculture and CSIRO.  Barry now runs his own consultancy business WeedBioControl assisting with environmental concerns.  His business provides information, education and appropriate agents for plant hazard control.  Barry has worked with farmers, rangers and students. Barry is passionate about environmental improvement as can be seen by his many testimonials on his website and he will be a positive representative for the Division of Paterson.

Voters wishing to contact Barry can do so on 0401197035 or email

Neil Saville

Division of North Sydney

Neil Saville is a humanitarian, a peace maker, lateral thinker and an IT professional with a wealth of front line experience serving Australia’s leading telecommunications carriers including building our current optical fibre network, NBN and providing front line troubleshooting expertise to service Australian Government and Australia’s leading professional institutions most recently in 2016 including the NSW Police Force Command Centres, The Reserve Bank and the Department of Defence. Neil is a strong believer in jobs and growth for Australia by way of buying Australian in contrast to our current establishment who will not match their words with appropriate and responsible action. We all know that our current government talk about jobs and growth, but Federal Government projects aren’t even required to use Australian products or workers and this needs to change now so each and every Australian could experience the joy and benefits that a proud country should enjoy.

Voters wishing to contact Neil can do so on 0491117921 or email

James Platter

Division of Bennelong

James has studied at the institute of Technology Broadway Sydney NSW and Macquarie University.  He completed studies in Physics and Organic Chemistry and worked the Atomic Energy Commission.  He later went to do an Electrical Engineering at Granville TAFE and became an Engineer and an administrator in the State Rail Authority of New South Wales.  He tavelled to the United States and studied to be a school teacher in California.  He did further studies at Baptist Christian University and Liberity University.  He worked for five years as a teacher in all age groups in private Christian schools and did further post graduate studies in Psychology at Liberity University.  While studying at Macquarie University, he served in the Army Reserve for 3 years.  James supports a quality, functioning Reserve Army for Australia.  For Greenway, James is passionate about Australian citizens' rights.  He has formed a Bill of Rights model for Australia to assist the development of a Bill of Right added to our Australian Constitution Act 1900 by way of s 128 referendum.  James wants to see Australia develop science thought, education, and research in line with world standards.  Being a former teacher, he fully supports the Australian People's Party priority excellence in education, and quality teachers across Australia with the right curriculum prriorities.

Voters wishing to contact James can do so on 0450532180 or email


John Reece

Division of Longman

John was born in Lowood, QLD. He is the father of two children. Schooled at Maryborough Boys High, he completed a fitter and turner trade at Walkers’ Maryborough and was a fully qualified tradesman by the age of 20. He has worked as a fitter in many industries and sales, eventually working his way up to QLD manager. John’s hobbies include restoring and racing Mini Coopers. He was an independent candidate for the Longman electorate in 2010. John grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, when Australia was the best country in the world to live in. Since the 70’s, politicians of all parties have been gradually destroying Australia. His aim is to bring back 50’s and 60’s for future generations. He is hoping to give Australia a new start and bring Australia back to Australians!

Voters wishing to contact John can do so on 0421875161 or via email



Bruno Strangio

​Division of Flinders

Bruno is a business man who has run numerous real estate and construction enterprises throughout Australia.  He has worked with key politicians in Canberra in recent decades and been a spokeperson for law and order.  He is well versed in corporate strategy, finance and marketing.  He is well affiliated with numerous ethnic communities in Victoria and stands for increased pensions and free education for all Australian citizens.  Bruno will push for a better tax model where Australians get better value for money.  He believes in tax concessions for workers, assets tests on the family home removed and children given access to schools and programs without charge to their parents. Bruno will bring profound improvement for Australian workers, families and children.  He is a devoted father and son and will be a strong voice for Flinders in the next election.

Voters wishing to contact Bruno can do so on 0472905875 or email

Enos Masonga

Division of Melbourne

Enos is 24 year old young man aspiring to represent Melbourne in Federal Parliament.  He is a professional executive with a passion in property and real estate, although he has worked in many other fields such as retail, sales and transport and logistics. Enos' goal is to help change and improve the living standards for Australians and help shape the future for generations to come.

Voters wishing to contact Enos can do so on 0432547548 or via email

David Colangelo

Division of Casey

David is a husband and a father of two.  He grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne  on the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and the gateway to the Yarra Valley. David has run car dealerships, worked in the real estate industry, driven trucks and has been self employed.  He is currently a car salesman. David has witnessed this great country go through various economic cycles but the one thing he admires is the spirit of the Australian people. He feels the Australian people have been robbed in many ways and wants to fight to uphold the Constitution.  David feels that reform is needed for our tax system and the economy. He has seen many core values fundamental to being Australian slowly being eroded. David believes our banks appear to be corrupt and advocates for financial system reform.  David will be a powerful representative of the people of the Division of Casey.

Voters wishing to contact David can do so on 0487289457 or email

Craig Nicholls

​Division of Bruce

Craig is a fourth generation Australian who grew up at a time when children played in the streets until dark, collected glass soft drink bottles for 20 cents each just to buy mixed lollies from the local milk bar, a time where Australians had the freedom to be children and where parents would have barbecues and a few drinks with the neighbours. Craig has worked as a fence builder, furniture maker and even a carpet layer.  He was in the Australian Army from 1991 to 1997 as a Parachute Rigger ECN 345 and was medically discharged because of injuries. Since that time Craig has had two retail computer businesses, been a truck driver, worked in the motorcycle industry and has now completed a commercial cooking course in the hopes of one day creating his own signature dish.  Craig dabbles with writing and dreams of one day being published.  Craig says "Australia today is a shadow of it former self, with many international laws now controlling our way of life to the economic woes many of us struggle with everyday. I believe in our Common Law, our Constitution and the Aussie way of life.  I would like to see the average Australian get a fairer deal economically and a louder voice in Parliament, a transparent Government were Australians come first and foremost." He is a believer in banking reform and in big business paying their fair share of tax, and giving the battlers the tax cuts instead.  Craig has a serious interest in how our country is being run and will be a strong leader for the Division of Bruce.

Voters wishing to contact Craig can do so via email

Weixia Wen  

Division of Hotham

Weixia (Wendy) is originally from China where she studied and attained excellent academic qualifications.  Weixia is now devoted to her new home, Australia.  She is a single mother with one child and understands the battles that single mothers face in challenging economic and social conditions.  She wants to do all that is within her power to assist single mothers and believes the Australian People's Party's plan to reinvigorate the jobs market and productivity for Australians first by providing greater financial incentives to work, even one, two or three jobs through the strategy of increasing tax returns and eliminating asset barriers for gaining the pension in retirement which are all catered for by the party priority of a new tax initiative.  Weixia understands the needs of modern and diverse Australians and recognises the power of education in creating unity and harmony and for Weixia the Division of Hotham with its ecclectic and exciting diversity of Australians will be the backdrop for her to listen and support others.  Weixia will be a champion of rights and higher living standards.

Voters wishing to contact Weixia can do so on 0451803939 or email

Justin Vida 

Division of Holt

Justin attended Endeavour Hills Tech and Hallam High for his VCE, completing Year 12.  He has since been involved in helping people make a difference.  Customer service roles have been Justin's forte and he has a passion for the law. Justin became a security guard and in a short time was invloved in training others in the industry becoming one of the top 5% in his region.  Justin enjoys real estate and helping others create their own dreams.  He is a father of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 daughter.  Justins says "we have to do everything in our power now in the world we live in to create a better future for our children making sure education is especially funded to give our children the best chance in academically and for life, and making sure every person and neighbour we live with is heard and their opinion expressed."  Justin will be the chosen voice of democracy for the Division of Holt.

Voters wishing to contact Justin can do so on 0468566255 or email

David Williams

Division of McEwen

David is a blue collar worker who is currently a truck driver.  His passion for politics was formed when he realised he had to be in it to make a difference for the people of Australia.

Voters wishing to contact David can do so on on  or email