Australian People

Senate and House of Representatives Candidates



Gary J Morris

WA Senate Candidate

Gary Morris is the leader of the Australian People's Party.  He has a strong commitment to the nation having lived and worked here in Australia since mid 1970s.  He is a family man who has conviction and talent that puts him front and centre to lead change in the nation.  He believes in change that will benefit all Australians through the creation of honest representation and human equality.  Gary is committed to community involvement in the way the Australian People’s Party will govern.  He says “instead of governments telling people what they have to do I commit to having local think-tanks to assist in decision making and policy change.”  He believes in senators representing the state they were elected by and not party interests and nor does he believe they should have ministerial positions.  He is suitably placed to be elected into Federal politics and his election will be a benefit for West Australians.

Voters wishing to contact Gary can do so on 0420307169 or email

Nige Jones

Division of Moore

Nige has completed a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Western Australia and a Master of Science Recreation Management from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Nige believes that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. He strives to succeed in any challenge.  He has been a teacher and lecturer. He is an active listener, mindful of the importance of being able to work as part of a team, and that is why he believes that positive relationships in the community can help it reach its goals. In his spare time, Nige enjoys spending time with his family and participating in soccer and athletics to keep fit.  Nige's skills acquired working in education,  management and  currently as a councillor in the City of Joondalup will be a great asset to the Division of Moore.

​Voters wishing to contact Nige can do so on 0468562099 or email




Barry Sampson

Division of Paterson

Barry Sampson has the credentials.  He has 30 years experience in the biological sciences having been an expert in the area of weed control for the Department of Agriculture and CSIRO.  Barry now runs his own consultancy business WeedBioControl assisting with environmental concerns.  His business provides information, education and appropriate agents for plant hazard control.  Barry has worked with farmers, rangers and students. Barry is passionate about environmental improvement as can be seen by his many testimonials on his website and he will be a positive representative for the Division of Paterson.

Voters wishing to contact Barry can do so on 0401197035 or email


Neil Saville

Division  of North Sydney

Neil Saville is a humanitarian, a peace maker, lateral thinker and an IT professional with a wealth of front line experience serving Australia’s leading telecommunications carriers including building our current optical fibre network, NBN and providing front line troubleshooting expertise to service Australian Government and Australia’s leading professional institutions most recently in 2016 including the NSW Police Force Command Centres, The Reserve Bank and the Department of Defence. Neil is a strong believer in jobs and growth for Australia by way of buying Australian in contrast to our current establishment who will not match their words with appropriate and responsible action. We all know that our current government talk about jobs and growth, but Federal Government projects aren’t even required to use Australian products or workers and this needs to change now so each and every Australian could experience the joy and benefits that a proud country should enjoy.

Voters wishing to contact Neil can do so on 0491117921 or email




Allan Hockley

QLD Senate Candidate

Allan has been the CEO of a family owned Consultancy for almost 30 years, specialising in Resources Infrastructure and Remote Housing Projects for some of the major players in the sector. From Coal to Iron Ore to Gas production, Allan’s grasp of the resources industry is extensive, but he freely admits that he can still learn a great deal. His Degrees in Engineering and Science as well as Education allow Allan to see the big picture when it comes to recognising the needs of both community and business. He has had the pleasure of helping to develop housing projects for Indigenous people across the north of Australia, and continues to develop relationships with remote communities. With input into local and international projects, in construction and undertaking humanitarian works in Vanuatu and PNG, he understands the need for cultural sensitivity, and the need to be inclusive when developing policies and planning. He has the ability to see opportunities and to help develop solutions, not just sitting back hoping that someone else will take action. He brings out the best in his team by allowing them to develop as both individuals and professionals. Allan has a desire to see all Australians, from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities, to be the best that they can be for the benefit of the country and themselves.  Allan has helped to establish several successful small businesses, and is a firm believer that success comes from within, and with as little input from government as possible. He also believes that big business has a social obligation towards society, and should not take without giving back.

Voters wishing to contact Allan can do so on 0404171732 or email him at


Adrienne Gaha-Morris

Division of Dickson

Adrienne has numerous experiences in the workplace.  She actively contributes to the community through volunteer work.  Adrienne has been an office assistant and worked in telemarketing.  Her professional skills in research and sales will assist her in speaking with and building support with the people out on the streets pf the Division of Dickson. She is aware of the issues that most affect the community. Most recently, Adrienne like many other Australians, has run her own businesses. She is though, primarily a mum.  She is passionate, outspoken and stands up for truth and freedom.  Adrienne is keen to listen to people around her division in Queensland and to help champion improvements in living standards and justice.

Voters wishing to contact Adrienne can do so on 0408446509 or email





Teresa van Lieshout

Victorian Senate Candidate

Teresa is a key executive of the Australian People's Party. She is an Australian born experienced teacher with a Master of Education specialising in Leadership and Management.  She has been an experienced teacher since 1996 and heads an education business "Expert Educational Services" registered with ASIC.  Teresa was accepted into an Educational Doctorate at Notre Dame University however decided to contest political elections instead.  Teresa has written four books of non-fiction, legally published with Australia's National Library.  She has a special interest in economics, education and sociological issues affecting all Australian citizens and voters.  She is passionate about the rights, interests and freedoms of Australian citizens.  The qualities Teresa most admires are compassion, morality, genuineness, wisdom and discernment regarding decisions she and others make.  Teresa is a critical, intelligent and creative thinker who will provide solutions that can better the lives of Victorians. 

Voters wishing to contact Teresa can do so on 0400409771 or email


David Colangelo

Division of Casey

David is a husband and a father of two.  He grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne  on the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and the gateway to the Yarra Valley. David has run car dealerships, worked in the real estate industry, driven trucks and has been self employed.  He is currently a car salesman. David has witnessed this great country go through various economic cycles but the one thing he admires is the spirit of the Australian people. He feels the Australian people have been robbed in many ways and wants to fight to uphold the Constitution.  David feels that reform is needed for our tax system and the economy. He has seen many core values fundamental to being Australian slowly being eroded. David believes our banks appear to be corrupt and advocates for financial system reform.  David will be a powerful representative of the people of the Division of Casey.

Voters wishing to contact David can do so on 0487289457 or email

​Craig Nicholls

​Division of Bruce

Craig is a fourth generation Australian who grew up at a time when children played in the streets until dark, collected glass soft drink bottles for 20 cents each just to buy mixed lollies from the local milk bar, a time where Australians had the freedom to be children and where parents would have barbecues and a few drinks with the neighbours. Craig has worked as a fence builder, furniture maker and even a carpet layer.  He was in the Australian Army from 1991 to 1997 as a Parachute Rigger ECN 345 and was medically discharged because of injuries. Since that time Craig has had two retail computer businesses, been a truck driver, worked in the motorcycle industry and has now completed a commercial cooking course in the hopes of one day creating his own signature dish.  Craig dabbles with writing and dreams of one day being published.  Craig says "Australia today is a shadow of it former self, with many international laws now controlling our way of life to the economic woes many of us struggle with everyday. I believe in our Common Law, our Constitution and the Aussie way of life.  I would like to see the average Australian get a fairer deal economically and a louder voice in Parliament, a transparent Government were Australians come first and foremost." He is a believer in banking reform and in big business paying their fair share of tax, and giving the battlers the tax cuts instead.  Craig has a serious interest in how our country is being run and will be a strong leader for the Division of Bruce.

Voters wishing to contact Craig can do so on 0416292389 or email